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Babes and the Bungalow

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babes and the bungalow

modest boudoir chicago


Why Boudoir after Baby is a good idea.

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the underpinnings

As busy moms, we often avoid getting our picture taken on a regular basis. Simply scroll through your smart phone and give an honest count of how many times you appear on your own photo feed. I’m guessing that number is probably lower than it should be.

I know you have beautiful snaps of your kids but where are you? Where. Are. YOU? I know I pass up being in front of the camera for a myriad of reasons which led me to develop a fun idea.

What if instead of hiding behind the camera, we proudly show up as ourselves and gracefully document the women we’ve become. It’s time we document our inner and outer beauty as strong, vibrant women! Enter, Memorial Day Weekend, 3:43 PM. I’m typing this post in the middle of a small family barbecue and I can sense my family is mad at me. I’m on the computer instead of partaking in a leisure (distraction-free) family afternoon. They’re actually right in their immediate assessment. Why am I on the laptop for goodness sakes?!

What they fail to notice, however, is that I rarely get any uninterrupted time to do, well, anything. Honestly, I’m not complaining. I feel very lucky to be a mother. I’m just stating the obvious in the hopes this post resonates with fellow moms out there. Especially the ones with more than one child—because the reality is you never really know what busy is until you’ve had more than one!

So now that the kids are entertained, it’s mommy’s turn to try and crank out this website’s first blog post. It’s time-momanagement at it’s finest. And since this is an entirely new blog, I’m probably typing into a void, but I hope someone out there is reading and nodding their head.

Okay so before I get too off track…it’s this same notion of never having enough time that led me to start this foray into photography. Every year, I try to advance in the personal (elusive) mantra of working smarter, not harder. I hope the second half of this year brings more equal time for work and play.

I’m rushed for almost everything I do, so I recognize that the pajamas featured here probably should have been ironed a bit. But alas, I lived in the moment and didn’t have the time to iron out the wrinkles (they’re all happily on display if you get my drift). On the flip side—to be fair—if I had more time to ponder things, I may not have sat down to pose for these pictures. I would have dissected myself in the mirror in that non-deserving way most women do. I would have picked on all the ways my body has changed after having 10-pound and 9-pound babies. I would have compared myself to how I used to look minus a few additional lines, and I would have thought, “Who do you think you are to be calling yourself a photographer?!”


Well, I’m ME, that’s WHO, and that’s enough! It’s with getting older that we get ballsier, and at the same time care less. Our time has to count and our growth has to yield perspective. I’ve realized that our journey into motherhood has to be documented—way past the photos of our children. I am my own worst critic and I have chosen to silence the noise. I have chosen to document myself, in my skin, in a way that feels beautiful to me. I feel most at home in my pajamas, so I figured I was going to show up feeling glamorous in that way. Then an idea sparked: Mamas in Pajamas is the way I’m going to propose moms take time out for boudoir to feel like a goddess. My aesthetic focuses on dreamy, natural beauty and modesty—with a dose of come-hither allure.

My truth in taking these photos was to show up the way my boys see me…vivacious and fun-loving (but with a little dose of flirtation for the hubby). I think I owe it to myself (and my loved ones) to feel as beautiful as they see me. I had lost sight of myself and now I’m seeing my potential, my strength, and appreciating the beauty stripes I’ve earned along the way.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It is for those that love hard and fearlessly. Why not document that same fearlessness into photos you can enjoy for years to come. Let us show the same acceptingness to ourselves that we show to our children. Don’t pass up the opportunity to honor yourself as you are today, even if it’s with your smart phone. With the daily rush, we have to continuously carve out time for ourselves. Don’t be the thing you say ‘NO’ to (again).

If you’ve been wanting to partake in a boudoir session (whatever your style preference is), I say take the leap. Don’t put it off any longer. No more excuses. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, you just owe yourself the time.

Styling and Images by Maritza Buelvas for Babes and The Bungalow. Please credit if reposting in any form. Thank you!



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