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Babes and the Bungalow

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babes and the bungalow

modest boudoir chicago


How Mama Manages To Work From Home

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the underpinnings

In theory, working from home may sound easier than stepping into a ‘formal workplace’ every day. There’s no rush hour or long commute, but there are daily multiple interruptions and the fact that you can never not be ‘mommy’. Working from home is not without its challenges so here are 6 personal tried n’ true tips for making actual work possible when you have kiddos at home—and mama has a task list from here to eternity.

no. 1


On the days I’d prefer my children sleep-in, they almost always have an internal alarm to wake up when mommy is about to take charge. I have been known to wake up at ungodly hours only to find my baby standing next to me about 10 minutes into my task list.

I usually try to outsmart them by waking up at 5 am. If they aren’t going to school, this usually gives me about 2.5 hours of solid quality time to tackle the day’s goal list. That’s why I joke with my kids, “You gotta wake up earlier than 5 am to fool me.” (That’s 4 pm on the clock to the right for those of you wondering). The point is, you have to outsmart these clever kids and carve out that personal time!

no. 2

keep ’em where you can see ’em

Keeping an eye on those little rascals is easier when you can work alongside them. This is why I choose to work primarily with mobile furniture and multi-use pieces so my sons can be doing a variety of activities near me. FYI: If you can set up a work desk for your kids nearby, even better.


no. 5


I’m not above bribing in any form as I have deadlines to meet. Offer your kid/s a caffeine-free kiddie Frappuccino from Starbucks (my kids call them Frapps and I want to eat their cheeks when I hear them say it) or a nut-free protein drink. Let them watch their favorite programming for a solid block of time if they, in turn, agree to be quiet while you take a phone meeting, etc. Put a Barnes and Noble Date Night on the agenda (my kids love this one) if they promise to behave for the whole day. Using a reward system they can ‘cash in’ for treats always seems to make the day go smoother.

no. 6

schedule a field day

Alternating a field day during the week always lends a fresh perspective. Head to a nearby coffee shop to answer emails while your kid’s brunch, or allow your kids to play at the park while you attentively work on tomorrow’s to-do list. Or simply use the time to clear your mind while all of you get some fresh air (a big perk when you #workfromhome). I like to schedule morning walks when the time and weather allow. That’s my favorite way to start the day with my little co-founders. What are your tips for gaining clarity and getting work done at home?

no. 3

Serenity Now

A light and airy aesthetic and affordable, functional furniture were the most important elements when designing my studio. I advise laying down roots for your workday in a sunlit space to start the day on a positive note. Also, burning essential oils and playing spa music to create a zen-like atmosphere go along way. My kids dig that vibe.

Also, keeping your space uncluttered allows for less distraction and more harmony. Stick to a cohesive color scheme to create visual and mental flow. A mindful color story calms chaos and allows a home to look put together in spite of ‘lil messy ninjas.

no. 4

give responsibility

Give your kids autonomy and accountability. Prove them with their own little work or creative station. Tell them to ‘punch in’ at Mommy+Co and get work done by reading a book, coloring, doing homework, or having fun with a craft. I even let my kids watch educational Youtube at their desks. They love recounting what they learned and/or finished during their day at the j-o-b. They love feeling accomplished!


Styling and Images by Maritza Buelvas for Babes and The Bungalow. Please credit if reposting in any form. Thank you!



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