11 Signs You’re A Bungalow Babe!

If you meet at least three criteria then I suggest you contact me immediately. You need a prescription for fun!

  1. You’ve been wanting to try boudoir, but have always been timid in the past.

  2. You ear mark pages of Anthropologie catalogs and insert yourself in said pages.

  3. You have an Anthro Card at Anthropologie.

  4. You’re getting married and are seeking a special treat the two of you will treasure.

  5. You’re celebrating a giddy milestone.

  6. You believe subtle sexiness speaks volumes.

  7. You LOVE both dark n’ moody and light n’ airy photography. You love a wardrobe of images to suit your style + mood.

  8. You love yourself some good bedhead. Stuffy hair is so not you.

  9. The concept of boudoir-esque photography speaks to your soul.

  10. You equate feeling sexy n’ free with feeling comfortable n’ confident.

  11. You love all-white-everything and bohemian glamour as much as I do.

 Criteria No. 7,  The Bungalow 5

Criteria No. 7, The Bungalow 5



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