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Babes and the Bungalow

boudoir + fine art chicago 

babes and the bungalow



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modest bridal boudoir chicago for the everybride

Have you ever flirted with the thought of scheduling a boudoir session?

I know I have. I would have jumped at the opportunity to gift sensual images to my groom when we married in 2007. Some twelve years later, I wish I had also done it as a keepsake of my own.

Back then, I didn’t connect with any of the popular styles and I certainly didn’t want to pose in a risqué fashion either. Little did I know, that I would one day grow to shoot my own style of boudoir one day. Well, they do say fate loves the fearless.

You see, I’ve been enamored with the idea of photographing modest, approachable boudoir for years but just kept the concept under wraps, literally. Who was “I” to do this?  Why did I think I could capture boudoir when I didn’t have a photography background? Well, the truth is, I have been storytelling and artistically conceptualizing my whole life so *I did have a unique point of view*. I was the little girl who could visualize a concept and see the flourished, finished result in my mind almost immediately. Even today, I’m the type of creative that envisions the outcome and just goes after it. What drives me is the spark, not the road map. And TBH, I’ve never met an instruction manual that I’ve ever read. I love the romance of getting lost in the wonder and being moved by candid emotion and finite beautiful details. Funny enough, those are the same skills I bring to my photography, and what makes my approach to boudoir inherently me. I see the beauty before anything unfolds.

I’m an incurable romantic. Always have been.

Here’s the purest example I could think of to illustrate this sentiment.

I never had a formal dollhouse growing up (gosh, I wanted that Barbie dreamhouse so bad), but what I was gifted was so much better because I got create from scratch. I got to unfold my own story, and the story was always what I was after.

I used to take my grandmother’s LPs and build different Barbie dream homes by taping the album covers together. I took Legos and made modern furniture and cut out magazine images and fastened them with toothpicks to make artwork for the different rooms. And yes, I always rearranged the furniture regularly. I cut out fabric to make curtains and hung them everywhere. It all makes sense now if you’ve seen my studio. (I was a dramatic child – I guess it was the only child in me).


modest bridal boudoir chicago for the everybride

Yep, Barbie and my cousin’s GI Joes were living the lush life, complete with all-white Kleenex bedding and plush cotton ball pillowcases. It was the romance I was after. My dollhouses were special because they had heart and a creative point of view. And above all else…they invited imagination…and they were mine. Funny enough, I think this same creative energy is the main ingredient I sprinkle on my boudoir sessions today. Bridging the gap between how a woman sees herself with the romance she longs to feel or wishes to express – this is what I do best.

I’m thrilled you’ve happened upon my creative expression of real life, make-believe. I’m still the same girl hanging pretty fabric to design your beautiful visual tapestry.

I’m still that spunky little creative who loves rearranging furniture and “setting the scene”. Always will be.


I hope you’ll let me share that same sense of joy and wonderment with you. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, one piece of flowy fabric at a time.

Remember to trust the goosebumps and follow the romance!

xx Maritza





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